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Welcome to LED Event Screen Hire, your go-to company for all your LED screen needs for sporting events across the UK.

We offer a range of rental and sales options for LED screens, as well as AV & IT equipment hire. Our event services include production, technical, and interactive services to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Screen Hire for Sporting Events

LED Event Screen Hire provides top-notch LED screens for various sporting events across the UK. Our screens are perfect for enhancing the viewing experience and engaging large audiences during sports screenings.

The types of sporting events we cater to include football matches, rugby games, cricket tournaments, and more, where the high-definition LED screens elevate the excitement of the game.

Event organisers benefit from our services as the screens offer dynamic content display options, branding opportunities, and interactive features that keep spectators captivated.

Ensuring optimal visibility and clarity, our high-quality screens contribute to creating an immersive sports viewing environment, bringing every detail of the game to life. With LED Event Screen Hire, sports fans can enjoy an unparalleled visual experience, making each event a memorable and thrilling occasion.

Why Choose LED Event Screen Hire?

LED Event Screen Hire is the premier choice for event organisers looking to create visually stunning setups for sporting events using cutting-edge LED screen technology.

With a focus on high-resolution video and impeccable screen size guides, we ensure that the audience experiences every moment in clarity and detail.

Our LED screens offer unmatched vibrancy and sharpness, elevating the viewing experience to new heights. Whether it’s a live sports match or a curated screening event, our tailored visual setups bring every play to life with striking colours and crystal-clear imagery.

Event customisation is at the core of our service, allowing organisers to personalise every aspect of the screen display to match the theme and atmosphere of the event. From dynamic graphics to interactive displays, we make sure that each event leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

Our expertise in high-resolution video technology enables us to deliver seamless playback and flawless image quality, capturing every detail with precision.

Choosing the right screen size is crucial for optimal audience engagement, and our team provides expert guidance to ensure that the screen size complements the event space and audience size perfectly.

LED Screens

LED screens are at the forefront of LED screen technology, providing unparalleled quality and clarity for sporting events. Whether you require LED screen rental for a single event or ongoing sports screenings, we have the perfect solutions to meet your needs.

With cutting-edge LED screen technology, our screens are designed to deliver vibrant colours, sharp contrasts, and high resolution, ensuring every detail of the game or event is crystal clear.

The versatility of our LED screens allows for customisation in size and shape, catering to various sporting venues and audience sizes.

Our rental options are flexible, offering competitive pricing and comprehensive technical support throughout the duration of your event. From outdoor stadiums to indoor arenas, our LED screens are equipped with advanced features such as high refresh rates and wide viewing angles, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Rental Options

Our hire options for LED screens cater to a wide range of sport screening events, including UK fixtures and international competitions like the FIFA World Cup.

We offer flexible packages to ensure that your event receives the perfect LED screen setup tailored to your specific requirements.

Whether you need a smaller LED screen for a friendly neighbourhood football match or a massive display for a globally televised event, we have you covered with our diverse range of options.

Our customisation services allow you to choose the perfect screen size, resolution, and setup to match the game’s intensity and audience engagement.

In terms of major sporting events, such as worldwide tournaments, we understand the importance of top-notch visual experiences.

That’s why we focus on providing cutting-edge LED screens that offer the best image quality and viewing angles to captivate the audience.

Why Choose LED Event Screen Hire?

Event organisers choose our company for their sporting events due to our expertise in LED screens, seamless event management, and adherence to screen licensing regulations. With a focus on quality and compliance, we ensure that every event is a success.

We stand out as the go-to choice for event organisers looking to elevate their sporting events. Our team’s deep understanding of LED screens allows us to deliver top-notch visual experiences that captivate audiences.

Through our effective event management practices, we take the stress out of organising and executing events, ensuring a smooth and seamless process from start to finish.

Our dedication to compliance with screen licensing requirements gives event organisers peace of mind, knowing that they are working with a reputable and trustworthy partner.

By choosing our company, organisers are not just getting a service; they are getting a guarantee of a successful, high-quality event that exceeds expectations.

Our Service Commitment

Our service commitment extends beyond providing LED screens and sound systems for sporting events. We collaborate with event organisers to explore event sponsorship opportunities, ensuring that brands receive maximum exposure and engagement through our visual and audio setups.

These collaborations open up exciting avenues for brands to gain widespread visibility and connect with their target audiences in a captivating manner.

By integrating sponsor logos and promotional content into our LED displays and incorporating branded messages into the event sound systems, we create a seamless and immersive brand experience for attendees.

This not only benefits the sponsors by enhancing their brand recognition but also enriches the overall event atmosphere, elevating the audience engagement levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Sporting Events can Benefit from LED Screen Hire?

There are a wide variety of sporting events that can benefit from LED screen hire. Some examples include live broadcasts of popular professional sports games, outdoor community events like 5k runs or marathons, local youth sporting tournaments, and even backyard watch parties for major championships.

What Sizes of LED Screens are Available for Hire?

We offer a range of sizes to fit the needs of your event. Our screens range from 10 feet to 40 feet in width, providing high-quality viewing for small and large crowds alike.

Do you Provide Set Up and Installation Services for the Screens?

We provide professional set up and installation services for all of our LED screens. Our team will ensure that the screens are securely mounted and functioning properly before the start of your event.

Can I Use my Own Content on the LED Screens?

Our LED screens are compatible with various types of media players and can display a variety of content, including live feeds, commercials, and promotional videos.

We can work with you to create customised content or you can provide your own pre-made content for display.

What Happens if the LED Screen Malfunctions During my Event?

While our screens are of the highest quality, technical malfunctions can happen. In the rare case that this occurs, our team will be on site to troubleshoot and fix the issue as quickly as possible.

We also offer backup screens to ensure that your event can continue without interruption.

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